An immigrant’s son, who grew up in the tenements of New York’s Lower East Side, Seaman Schepps rose to prominence in the 1930s with jewelry designs that challenged the status quo and defined a new style for the American woman. With his chunky brooches, “barbaric” bracelets and “bubble” earrings, Schepps pioneered a unique style of jewelry whose sense of splendor offered a new perspective to the world of fine jewelry.

Witty, over-the-top and flattering, Schepps’ jewelry embodied style and originality and was featured on the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Look and other magazines. It appealed to a myriad of clients from Katherine Hepburn to Andy Warhol to the Duchess of Windsor and greatly influenced his contemporaries. Today, some 50 years after his death, he continues to inspire modern jewelers.

Through the 1930s, and into the 40s and 50s, new clients flocked to him at his store on Madison Avenue. Often clients wanted a one-of-a-kind bauble and commissioned Schepps to incorporate their old jewelry into a fresh new design. Frequently this led to landmark decisions that helped distinguish Schepps as an extraordinary talent. His client list included Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, the Duchess of Windsor, and members of the Du Pont, Mellon and Rockefeller families. By serving these most powerful and influential individuals, Schepps became known as “America’s Court Jeweler”.

#1   13787NN

#1 13787NN « Séville » Necklace with acqua Pearls and blue Topazes 220 cts set on 18K white gold 29 grs

#2 15524NN « Baroque » Necklace with multi colored stones in Phrenite 18,19 cts, faceted Citrine 17,73 cts, double round faceted lemon Citrine 36,44 cts, faceted blue Topaz 34,48 cts, 3 pink Tourmaline 29,16 ts with gold rondelles, faceted round blue Chalcedony 26,68 cts, faceted rose Quartz 15,96 cts, faceted cognac Quartz 18,38 cts and fresh water Pearl accents set in 18K yellow gold 86,10 grs. Number 242396

#3 15525NN « Baroque » Necklace with multi colored stones in faceted Amethyst 15,82 cts, Pink tourmaline 19,40 cts, Aquamarine 40,65 cts, faceted citrine 39,21 cts, phrenite 49,42 cts, carved fluted double round rose Quartz 42,35 cts, yellow Berry 28,21 cts, Peridot 22,25 cts, gold nugget and fresh water Pearl accents set in yellow Gold 18K 106,20 grs. Number 242397

#4 15533NN « Lightship » gratuated of 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm woven bead necklace set in 18K yellow Gold 45,70 grs. Number 242941

#5 15534NN « Lightship » graduated woven beads Braceletin 18K yellow gold 21,7 grs. Number 242945


#6 15526NN Large size « Lightship » woven cuff Bracelet set in 18K yellow gold 49,30 grs. Number 242557

#7 13781NN « Capri » bracelet with white quartz 130 cts  set in 18K yellow Gold 52 grs

#8 13778NN 5 rings cuff Bracelet in 18K yellow Gold 68 grs

#9 11246NN Bracelet with Diamonds 62,78 cts set in 18K white Gold 142,28 gr     Number 20290

#10 11229NN Yellow Gold 18K 12,4 grs Bracelet with thirteen Citrines 106 cts and Onyx 8,22 cts. Number 20294

#11 11227NN « Jardin » Bracelet with Sapphirs 37 cts, Emeralds 12,85 cts, Rubies 5 cts, Sapphirs leaves 11,85 cts, Rubies leaves 9,16 cts, Emeralds leaves 2,7 cts, Spinels 2,8 cts and Diamonds 2,82 cts, set in 18Yellow Gold 70 grs.  Number 20291

#12 7471NN Bracelet with pink Tourmalines 174,6 cts, and 28 Diamonds 0,6 cts, 28 Diamonds 0,5 cts, 28 Diamonds 0,4 cts, 8 Diamonds 0,6 cts, 8 Diamonds 0,5 cts 8 Diamonds 0,4 cts, set in 18K white Gold 66,65 grs

#13 7470NNBracelet set in 18K white gold 66,65 grs, with ovals cabochons Aigues marines 152,35 cts and Diamonds 31 cts

#14 8546NN Earrings carved red Coral « Koi fish » with pearls, Turquoise and Diamonds set in 18K yellow Gold

#15 13780NN « Capri » earrings with white quartz 52 cts set in 18K yellow gold 13,30 grs

#16 15523NN Pair of double link Earrings in 18K yellow Gold 33,30 grs. Number 242164


#17 15528NN Pair of « Sand Dollar » design Earrings with Crystal accents in 18K yellow Gold 22,10 grs. Number 242937

#18 15529NN Pair of « Sand Dollar » design earrings with blue Topaz set in 18K yellow gold 24 grs. Number 242938

#19 15536NN Pair of « Sand Dollar » design Earrings with smokey Topaz set in 18K yellow Gold 23,9 grs. Number 242946


#20 15539NN Pair of « Lightship« woven drop Earrings in 18K yellow Gold 14 grs. Number 242950

#21 14140NN Cufflinks grey and bordeau stingray bar  set in 18K white gold 5.44 grs


#22 14145NN Cufflinks « Nassarius Connidalis » shells with gold bands and tip, with T backs set in 18K yellow Gold 8,86 grs. Number 41316




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