HOW TO FOLD A NAPKIN - 3 different styles

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

At the start of the meal, the napkin should be on the left. At the end of the meal, put the napkin down on the right without folding it.

Use the corner of the napkin with one or two hands. Be aware that you do not rub it vigorously but that you pat it carelessly. The trick is to do it with delicacy. Listening to your femininity is enough to maintain a certain class even in unpleasant situations.

If you thought that after having made a good meal, it was necessary to correctly fold your napkin on the table before going out, in reality, it is quite the opposite! It must be placed in a rather neglected manner on the table, to show that the meal was delicious and that we leave the table completely satiated. So even if we know how to make origami with napkins, we hold back! Convenience has its reasons that sometimes reason ignores ...

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