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Tea Service 21pcs "Shelley China” Circa 1900

Tea Service 21pcs "Shelley China” Circa 1900

SKU: 18170AAZ

5 Tea Cups

5 Tea Causer

1 Milk Jug With Saucer

1 Fruit Bol

2 Square plates

6 Dessert Plates


Shelley (known as Wileman until the early 20th Century) began producing beautiful china items in the 1820s. Based in Staffordshire, the pottery crafted thin yet strong china items. Smaller pieces, like cups and saucers, were made of bone china. Shelley used thousands of different patterns, noted by number and sometimes by name. They also named each of their cup designs—for example, Bute, Dainty, and Ovide. The pottery continued production until 1966, when it was sold to Allied English Potteries.


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